Dubai Motor City

Dubai Motor City – A Beautiful Place For the Tourist

Visiting The City

If you are a motorsports enthusiast, then you’ll enjoy the Dubai Motor City development. This neighborhood covers an area of square kilometers. It was established in 2004 as a center for motorsports. The entire neighborhood is based on this theme. Included with in this neighborhood are commercial properties, residential units, sports facilities, retail shops, a theme park and more. Because of the scale of the project, It is still in development.

Dubai Motor City

There are 5 main features that makes up Dubai Motor City. The Dubai Autodrome is a certified 5 kilometers motorsports circuit that have already hosted several major several major race from around the world. Uptown motorcity is a collection of residential apartments to form its own community. This community even includes schools, parks and other recreational activities. The green community motor city  is another residential community developed here. It’s more exclusive and includes villas, townhouses, and luxury apartments. The business park motor city contain office and retail space. It also holds various cars showrooms and shops. And finally, the F2-X Dubai Formula one theme park .

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Visiting Motor City

Dubai Motor City is located on the outskirts of the main Dubai city center, public transportation is’t easily accessible here but you can easily find a taxi to travel back and forth to the other tourist attraction in Dubai.

Although there are still lots of project to be completed for Dubai Motor City, you can still find a big section of retail outlets, supermarkets and restaurants.

Dubai Motor City

The Motor city is a large marketplace found in the old city of Dubai. A souk is a traditional market and this one specializes in Gold. It’s found in the Deira district along side a few other marketplace. The Gold souk is one of the largest and major attraction for tourists.

There are close to 400 retailer selling a variety of gold items. It’s estimated to have over 10 tons of gold present in this marketplace at one time. There are more indoor and outdoor spaces for shopping. The entire marketplace consist of narrow aisles to walk between vendors and shops. There are goldsmiths, retailers and much more.


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