Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame – See the Perfect Scenery Picture Through the Frame

What is the Dubai Frame?

The Dubai Frame is one of the newest landmark in Dubai, which opened at the beginning of 2018. This unique attraction is literally a picture frame giving you a frame view of modern Dubai and the old city. It is unofficially recognized as the the biggest picture frame in the world. It’s located in zabeel park, in the middle of either side of Dubai. Depending on which side you stand will give you the contrasting views of Dubai. The Dubai frame was conceived as a result of an International architecture design competition. Over 1000 proposal were fielded from around the world to create a new landmark to represent Dubai. The ironic think about this landmarks of the city.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

Visiting the Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is a great opportunity for photos of Dubai, both new and old. It’s a dynamic frame because as new developments continue in the city, the resulting picture will change as well. Not only can this attraction be enjoy from the outside, there is also an interior portion of the frame.

On the ground floor is a museum highlighting the culture of the United Arab Emirates. There a displays of traditional life in the region’s past. After learning a bit of the history, you can take an elevator up to the top of the structure. It’s height of 150 meters gives great views of either side of the city in addition to the see through glass floor.

Dubai Frame

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I want you to know that it will be your ultimate and quite memorable experience in your life when you go visit and tour around this iconic city of Dubai. I want you to know that this city has much value in store for you and that the only thing you need to leave behind when you go about visiting this city to leave all your stress and worries back at home! for you to do so, you must flow and take in everything that consists in this travel guide.

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Dubai Frame – See the Perfect Scenery Picture Through the Frame

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