Al Bastakiya

Al Bastakiya – One Of The Best Attraction Of Dubai

What is Al Bastakiya?

Al Bastakiya represents the historical district in Dubai. hich Dubai’s rapid development, much of the original appearance of Dubai has been converted into the modern metropolis but there are still places to get the original essence of the city such as this. Al Bastakiya is also referred to as the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood.
Al Bastakiya
The district was first established in the late 1800s. In the late 1900s, a large portion of it was renovated for modern office buildings. Many of the houses ware used for foreign workers who were working on new projects. The rest of the district was actually ordered to be destroyed but a late decision was made to preserve it. It is now being renovated and restored to its original appearance.Al Bastakiya

Dubai Culture

Visiting Al Bastakiya

The Dubai Creek divides Dubai on the modern side and the old city. This old city section of Dubai showcases the traditional way of life in the city. Visiting Al Bastakiya is like taking a walk through the past. The layout of this historic district consists of maze-like alleys that wind throughout the buildings. Even though it’s historic, you’ll still see a lot of activity going on here. there are a variety of shops, galleries and even courtyards for lounging.
Walking through the streets of this neighbourhood, with the unkempt roads and the rugged surfaces of the walls of the buildings,

It’s a popular tourist destination and you will come across many other landmarks and places to visit while in the Al Bastakiya district. this includes Dubai’s oldest building, the Dubai Museum, the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding, and the Al Fahidi Fort.

The buildings were made up in 19 th century. The building was constructed by Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohammad and is 465 square meters in the area. The archetucture is really unique . In the Bastakiya North African style of courtyards are found.


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